nanoLab Fighter

survey, test and fight!

An unknown virus spreads! Only your innovative approach can help research and test the ultimate cure just in time to save the mankind.

In this top-down arcade shooter game you will command a nano drone, destroying virus cells and completing research tasks. Face a number of changing challenges across 14 missions, stitched together with a graphical story. A selection of tools/weapons and upgrades allows you to find your unique gameplay experience. Use various tools carefully, brute force won't always lead to success.


- 14 levels with unique tasks;

- 8 tools / weapons and a variety of enhancements;

- 3 level difficulty settings;

smart shooter game

Different missions make use of different gameplay approaches, providing variety to the play experience.

Don't shoot just anything - along with noxious cells you will encounter lots of healthy ones - and destroying them is not advised. You will have to navigate your nano-drone with accuracy in order to complete the mission with no collateral damage. Especially exquisite gameplay will be celebrated by game achievements.

The game is inspired by medical science, but any game objects, concepts or information is to be considered fictional. We hope that our game will inspire you to explore on your own the fascinating topic of viruses and methods to fight them.